Consanguinity, land inheritance and risk of grandchildlessness

Abstract: Investigating the reproductive consequences of consanguinity in historical Krummhörn, we show social-group specific associations with correlates for fertility and breeding success like the risk of permanent grandchildlessness. While the proportion of mothers, for which not any birth of a grandchild has been documented at all is much lower among socioeconomically privileged farmers, they will even have more often have at least one grandchild born in this population if married consanguineously.

Phyllotaxis @Datacamp

I recently came across a tweet pointing me to the free Phyllotaxis-course at Data camp: My project Phyllotaxis is about to reach 10.000 students in @DataCamp: it's free and it may help you to understand how ggplot2 works and to introduce you in the amazing world of creative coding. Do you want to try? 👇🎨⌨️https://t.co/JaQRAq4E3T — Antonio S. Chinchón (@aschinchon) February 11, 2019 I took these examples from https://www.